Algorithmic game theory

Język wykładowy Angielski
Semestr Letni
Status Poddana pod głosowanie
Opiekun Jarosław Byrka
Liczba godzin 45 (wyk.) 15 (ćw.)
Rodzaj I2.T - teoria inf.
Polecany dla I roku No
Egzamin Yes
Tagi AZ (algorytmika i złożoność obliczeniowa)

Opis przedmiotu:

This course is devoted to computational aspects of decision making in the context of data being provided by strategic agents. The main topics that will be covered: * Noncooperative games: 1. strategies 2. Nash equilibria 3. computational complexity (class PPAD) * Cooperative games: 1. coalition forming 2. solution concepts * Decision mechanisms: 1. with money (e.g. auctions) 2. without money (e.g. elections) 3. fair division * Fair division * Cost sharing mechanisms * "price of anarchy" in the context of transportation networks The course contains elements of computational complexity, probability theory, and convex optimization. Some prior experience with these fields would be of help, but is not formally required. A large part of the course will follow the book: Nisan, Routhgardan, Tardos, Vazirani. Algorithmic game theory.